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Read what people have said about CW MIDI (for DOS) and CW Midi for Windows!

CW MIDI User Remarks

"Personally, I LOVE IT." Jim, AD4XX 5/20/98

"I am still amazed at how well your first Windows program came out. I will be ordering version 2 on payday! I'm sure I will enjoy it as much as version 1." Jim, AD4XX 5/25/98

"I have long thought about the possibilities of using CW over the internet, and am pleased to have had your program brought to my attention." Tony, G4FAI 7/5/98

"Someone directed me to your CW to MIDI software es it's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you." Mike, N9BOR 11/21/98

"Super job and mucho NEEDED!!! Praise to you and kudos for your efforts!!! You have filled a much needed niche in ham/computer stuff..." Murf, WV4R 2/1/99

"Many compliments for your interesting software." Gianpiero, IZ2CDP 2/24/99

"Thank you for such a neat program (CW MIDI). I have been looking for something like this to put on our web page." Kevin, KB5SEJ 3/3/99

"Congratulations with your fine CW MIDI programs. Recently, when considering what CW formats would be suitable for the web I independently concluded that MIDI would be ideal. Well, like so often I asked, why don't I write a program to do that and 'why didn't someone think of that before?' Well, searching the web I found out that you actually did." Kristjan, TF3KB 3/9/99

"Just a note to let you know how good your CW MIDI program is. You have put a lot of work into this program, and it is much appreciated by me and likely countless thousands. Thanks again and 73." Bob, VA3BIK 4/8/99

"Just would like to thank you for the software you have so generously made available to us." John, VE3KIS & Rascal 5/16/99

"I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note for the CW Midi for Windows program. It will be very useful in my quest for learning CW." Andy, KG4AIG 6/27/99

"Version 1 is nice... tnx fer furthering the code." Nathan, KC5VLF 7/18/99

"Thanks... , a neat program provided in the true spirit of Amateur Radio. Great program..." Warren, N6WA 8/22/99

"Thanks for the nice programs, they both seem to work very well." Ron, VE4QP 9/13/99

"Just had to say that the Cwmidi32 is excellent to train candidates in Morse code. My cousin is using it and the both of us are very satisfied, but as you know the scandinavian letters are not present. All in all, a program that should be used in Ham radio!" Jesse, LA6YJA 11/9/99

"Thank you very much Sir... An old friend put me onto your web page... sure glad he did. He had been sending me some CW MIDI files. Well thanks to your software... we can still send and receive MCW now in a MIDI file. Thanks again." Richard, VE7BNR 1/12/00

"You have a very nice program. I don't think many people appreciate how much time and effort it takes to write a program like that." John, KB7PQV 1/17/00

"Thanks so much for your great instructions. I have it installed, and what a nice program." Mike, KC9VR 2/18/00

"Thanks so much for the CW program... CW is here to stay!" Dr. RBG, W5ZNN 2/22/00

"I've tried version 1 and it works great... Thanks for all the work." David, KG4BIN 3/3/00

"Thanks for the program it is a great tool..." Damien 3/14/00

"I was looking for a way to get CW on a homepage for CW practice for new hams and hams to be when a friend led me to your site. I had no difficulty what so ever getting your program to create a CW MIDI file." Hal, VE1LV 5/2/00

"I can't thank you enough for your program. I have had so much fun with it and putting CW on our club homepage. I have CW MIDI on there now and really have been burning the midnight oil developing and working with CW MIDI thanks to you." Hal, VE1LV 5/4/00

"Thanks for the GREAT MIDI program, it works GREAT!" Ringo, KG4DUF 5/28/00

"Your CW MIDI program has enabled me to now put CW lessons on our web site. Many thanks for a great program that is a delight to use. All the best and thanks again." Gord, VE3UGW 7/16/00

"Just downloaded the and think it's a great idea!" Maurice, KA4NIV 8/17/00

"Neat software! I found I could import the resulting MIDI file into some music software I have and monkey around with it there - ie change the voice/instrument and use the 'transpose' feature to change pitch, etc." Maurice, KA4NIV 8/22/00

"Thanks for sharing such hard work. Hope that someday, I can return the favor." Ray, N4ZYI 9/3/00

"Thanks so much (to each and every one of you) for all of your wonderful comments and kind words! I am truly glad that CW MIDI is enjoyed by so many Hams across the World." Rob, KA2BEO 12/2/00 Products

CW MIDI User Remarks

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