Fossil Information (Phanerozoic Eon)

Fossil Type:Tooth
Fossil Description:Ground Sharpnose shark, Grey Requiem shark, or Soupfin Tope shark
Relative Size:Small
Scientific Name (Genus species):Physogaleus secundus (Physodon secundis, Galeorhinus minor) or Abdounia beaugei or Galeorhinus sp.
Epoch/Age:Eocene (Mid Miocene to Late Eocene 7 to 49 mya)
MYA:34 to 55
Discovery Location (Water, Land):Shark River
Discovery Location (City, ST):Wall/Neptune, NJ
Discovery Location (County):Monmouth
Deepest Formation:Shark River/Manasquan undifferentiated
Color:Brown root, grey crown
Comments:Nice specimen, although small
Collector Name:RLD
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